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Fall Camps & Leagues

Fall League Safety Reminders

As a reminder, the following rules remain in effect for both the VRC and CCC facilities.

  1. All Players MUST wear a mask when entering, exiting and moving throughout the facility.
  2. You will need to drop off your players at the marked entrances.  The main entrance at VRC and CCC
  3. The players will exit on the back side of the VRC.  The players will exit at the furtherst doors at the CCC.
  4. Players exhibiting symptoms including but not limited to:  fever, sore throat, fatigue, cough should remain home.
  5. Player should arrive at the rink with as much of their equipment on their body as possible.
  6. Player may not enter the building until 15 prior to ice time.
  7. No spectators are permitted.
  8. Water bottles MUST be labeled and cannot be shared.  All unlabeled water bottles will be disposed of following the ice touches.

Please remind your players the importance of adhering to these guidelines and assist them in arriving prepared for ice touches.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our programs.

Breakaway Fall Camp Offerings

Breakaway Fall Camps will prepare the players for their association tryouts.  Our curriculum covers skill building, team play, conditioning,  and competition.  We teach the players how to be ready for tryouts and strategies for looking their best.  Breakaway Fall Camps will get the players confident and excited to participate in tryouts.  

To see the full list of our Fall Pre tryout leagues click on Fall Open Leagues.